Bible Study

Bible Study

Adult Study Programme 2024


Throughout the Year

Jeremiah the Prophet: Bible Study sequence

During 2024 we will focus on the book of Jeremiah.

The set book for our bible study will be:
Jeremiah for Everyone by John Goldingay SPCK 2015


The Bible Studies will be at 7.30pm via Zoom on the following dates:

Monday 15 January; Tuesday 16 April; Tuesday 14 May; Tuesday 18 June; Tuesday 16 July; Monday 9 September; Monday 7 October; Monday 4 November 



Lent 2024

Companions on The Way

A Retreat in Preparation for Lent

Online Retreat on Saturday morning 10 February


‘Jesus was in the wilderness forty days, tested by Satan, and he was with the wild beasts, and the angels waited on him.’ Mark 1.13 Lent is demanding. It strips us back, asks us to set aside the amusements that distract us and the comforts that cushion us in order that we may be more truly known. But it never asks us to be alone.

Whether disturbing, strange or assuring, there will be company on our journey through Lent. Our speakers reflect on who they would choose as a spiritual companion for the season and


reveal that even the most unexpected or unwelcome companion can draw us nearer to God.


Speakers: Jay Hulme, Rachel Mann, Rob Marshall and Nick Papadopulos

Opening and closing worship: Richard Carter and the St Martin’s Voices

Tickets available from the Church Times



If you would like a copy of the Lent book written by Fr Rob

Please email your details to

They are priced at £12.99  per copy.







Lent Programme 2024

Transfiguration: 50 Pilgrim Steps Rob Marshall  Canterbury Press 2023


Study Groups will be at 7.30pm via Zoom on the following dates:

Tues 20 & 27 February and March 5, 12, 19.


And in person at Coffee Pot at 10.30am on

Fridays 23 Feb and 1, 8, 15, 22 March.


Sunday talks will feature the themes at our 9.30am Parish Eucharist at St John’s each week.

Tuesday talks at our 10am Parish Eucharist at Christ the King Hub every week will do the same.


Spring 2024

Parish Study Day, St John’s Church, 11am-3pm

Thursday 25 April

The Beatitudes

The verses from Jesus’ sermon on the mount have provided Christians with food for thought ever since they were spoken.

During this day together we will look at each of them and explore how they speak to us as pilgrims today



Autumn 2024

Parish Study Day, St John’s Church, 11am-3pm

Thursday 12 September

Meeting God in Matthew by Elaine Storkey SPCK 2022

Based on the book with the same title.

We meet God in different ways through this unique Gospel and we look forward what the day provides for us.



Advent Study Book Programme & Theme

Waiting on the Word by Malcolm Guite Hymns Ancient & Modern 2015

Poems to reflect on during Advent are provided as we prepare again to welcome Jesus at Christmastime.


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